MIRAFLORES, LIMA. t +51 1 221 1322
TUESDAY// SUNDAY 12.30 pm - 5.00 pm


Rafael Osterling / Chef

El Mercado was created out of a curiosity to experience new formats within Peruvian cuisine deeper into its roots. El Mercado is a true homage to Peruvian Cuisine. As one would expect from its name, this restaurant is in permanent dialogue with its sources—the sea, producers, fishermen, cattle raisers, etc.– establishing an unbreakable link of unyielding affection and respect.

A courtyard full of vegetation and an open kitchen reflect a jovial, creative, and free-flowing cuisine, always guided by the principles of Peruvian cooking and based on its traditional ingredients. This is an unpretentious restaurant.

Rafael has studied the tradition of peruvian cuisine, its influences, the many cultures of early setters to Peru from around the globe.    He has embrassed those flavors and tecniques to give you his love and passion today at El Mercado.